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Sep 04, 2009 · There is no emergency eject hole on a slot load drive. My friend has a CD stuck in his car player and it won't eject. I assume the label peeled from the heat in the car. There's no easy way to get out a stucked CD in the slot. There are more electro-mechanical parts to go bad. The tray drives are more versatile and strudy.

Slot Loading Drives vs. Tray Loading Drives (self.xboxone) submitted 5 years ago by blinkfandangoii BlinkFandangoII I'm excited for the slot loading drive, much easier to insert and remove discs and (with kids on the way) I don't have to worry about the tray getting snapped off, etc. Slot Load vs. Tray Load | OCAU Forums Slot loaders aren't that hard to understand, and are as simple to dismantle/repair as a tray loader once you know how. I don't really have a favourite, maybe tray loaders are easier to stealth, but I like the fact I don't have a huge tray poking out and risking getting cables/desks/discs being eaten by it at lans. Slot vs. Tray Loading DVD-ROM drive | AnandTech Forums ... I've used both Pionner 16X DVD-ROM slot load and tray load (using the slot load right now). Every single CD and DVD worked perfectly on both of them, but I have to say that the slot load is a bit faster (in access time) and makes less noise (the stabilization table in it seems to be higher quality).

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I only wished that it mimic the slot loading vs tray loading like the PS3 and laptops. The tray feels a little flimsy and is so last gen The two things that jump at me right off the bat are the interface and the controller. Both of these things IMO are well thought out and are very user friendly...

I prefer tray-loading drives because they offer the least friction on the optical media AFAIK. Also, I feel like A LOT more can go wrong with a slot-loading drive, even though my experience with tray-loading drives are usually 5+ years and the rubber band dries up which makes it difficult to eject the tray. Trends in CD/ DVD drives - Slot vs. Tray? | Yahoo Answers Some new computers (including laptops) seem to come with slot loading cd/dvd drives instead of the more traditional tray loading drives. I mean non-apple configs - I believe apple has been using the slot loading mechanism for a while. Any information/ data on the trends in slot loading drives vs. tray loading drives. For e.g., growth in units/ market share? Comparing Optical Drive Loading Mechanisms - Disc Wizards Loading mechanism is basically the mechanical component that is responsible for loading the optical disc into the reading / writing drive. There are three loading mechanisms available in the market, they are; tray, slot and the caddy. Slot load vs Tray load DVD burner | NotebookReview

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Slot Vs Tray Loading - Both slot and tray loading are removable