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When making macros, you can put also special enchants with use like engineering enchants on gloves or belt, etc. Instead of putting the whole name of the item in the macro, you can just add a “/use #” and save space for more abilities. Here is a list of what each number represent in a slot. 0 Ammo. 1 Head. 2 Neck. 3 Shoulder.

Macro Toolkit has the following built in slash commands designed to be used within macros: /mtce - Clears UI Errors. /mtex - Stops errors being sent to the Errors Frame. /mteo - Allows errors to be sent to the Errors Frame. /mtrp - Summons a random non combat pet. /mtso - Enable sound effects. /mtsx - Disable sound effects. The priority cast macrosWoW Lazy Macros In fact I had this type of 1 key macros for most of toons (I use to play paladin, druid worrior, mage, shaman, DK, warlock and hunter) but the only 1key macros up to date are DK ones (as I only have a DK up and running now). It is possible to make any 1 key macro for any class as long as WoW still use the priority system, become the Equipment slot - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft However, using the numeric equipment slot identifiers eliminates the need to manually modify macros after ... What is the Item # for trinket slot 2? - UI & Macros - Wowhead Forums

Item Slot Macro Wow, Item slot-numbers Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… 2009-12-29, 07:29 PM #1 Elessa View Profile View Forum lauberge casino promo codes Posts Private Message View Started Threads Dreadlord Join Date Aug 2009 Location Sweden Posts 908 Item slot-numbers I've seen a few macros that uses a item slot macro wow number instead of writing in the full name of ...

5 Euros Free | Online Casinos 5 Euro No Deposit Bonus by Netent CasinoI know that Chest and Shoulders seem to be the armor slots with the most stat budget, so they would seem like the correct choice for all 3 roles.Thread: Engineering /use wow equipment slot numbers macro macro Wow Item Slot Macro Numbers - LogosDirect

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Wow gear slot macro. Useful macros - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft.I have seen a diagram of equipment slot numbers before, and I have since forgotten where I ran across it. When I switch specs, I am currently using a macro to . Equipslot Macro - Eternal Wiki This guide is for druids that want to dual-weild the SAME WEAPON as feral, but also wish to switch to their healing staff for Tree Form, or their DPS staff for Moonkin. First you'll have to log onto your druid, and equip the two weapons that you wish to use. Equip slot wow macro | Safe gambling online MACRO equipslot. From Wowpedia. The numeric slot on your character to equip the item to. World of Warcraft content and materials are trademarksThere are nineteen equipment slots on a character. The combination of equipment slot and item type is often the first categorization of items used. Item slot macro wow | Fantastic Game on-line

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